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This workout is in REAL TIME and can either be done by itself, doubled or tripled, or added to another workout in my library! THERE IS A BONUS THAT I LEFT OUT IN THE VIDEO!! Here is the workout breakdown: You will need light dumbbells, one heavy dumbbell (or sandbag), and a bench/chair. Set an interval timer for 12 Rounds, 10/50 1. 1 Leg Lateral Pistol (Left) 2. 1 Leg Lateral Pistol (Right) 3. Weighted Punches 4. Small Circles (no weights) 5. Burpee, 2x Jump Lunges, 1x Jump Tuck 6. 8x Mountain Climbers, 4x Switch Mountain Climbers BONUS!!! 100X 4X4'S (that's 4 high knees, 4x inside feet)